Bentonite in Piling

Bentonite in Piling

Bentonite usage in Piling:

1. Bentonite slurries are used to prevent soil collapse during both the construction of bored site cast price and pre -boring for driver piles.
2. Facilitates driving for pre cast piles used for driver site -cast piles

Bentonite Caisson Sinking:

Caisson sinking. Monoliths can sunk into place quickly and easily if the cavity between the cast concrete and the excavation if filled with a bentonite slurry.

Bentonite Grouting:

It is used to seal soils against water seepage to interest the capacity of a soil.

Bentonite Diaphragm Walls:

1) Avoid excavation while keeping trench full of bentonite slurry to prevent caving in.
2) Affect neither the strength of the concrete with reinforcing steel under normal works.