Usage Of Bentonite In Bored Cast In-Situ Piles

Usage Of Bentonite In Bored Cast In-Situ Piles

During boring for pile, the side of the bore hole is subject to various types of force & pressure like:
– Active earth pressure
– Overburden Pressure
– Hydrostatic pressure
– Pore pressure


To solve & stabilize, a supporting fluid called Bentonite is used.

It is primarily due to thixotropic property of bentonite suspension. It permits the material to have the consistency of a fluid when introduction forms a jelly which when agitated becomes a fluid again.

Bentonite Circulation System

The preparation, stocking & the recovery of the bentonite mud requires the following:
– Bentonite feed tank
– Recovery & Desilting tank
– Bentonite fed tank
• In this task freshly recovered bentonite slurry will be stored for piling work
– Recovery & desilting Unit
• Will be Received & after desilting of the usable bentonite

Bentonite slurry with a concentration of 3-5% is normally used to support the bore.